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The study of matter allows us to encompass the known universe in a range of sizes and distances with lower and upper bounds.

Área de conocimiento Ciencias Biológícas, Física, Geología
Tipo de licencia universal Licencia de Creative Commons
Autor José Villasuso Gato
End user learner teacher
Educative context classroom distance home
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Uso educativo
mixed medium low 13 and over medium Approximate Learning Time español (o castellano) analyse compare consider connect recognize
publisher proyectonewton 23/12/2018 publisher INTEF 24/10/2017 publisher indra_2013 02/10/2017 publisher INTEF . 01/03/2017 publisher INTEF 15/09/2010 author José Villasuso Gato 25/01/2007 publisher Institute of Educational Technologies (ITE) 15/09/2010 editor Institute of Educational Technologies (ITE) 29/06/2010 technical validator Jesús M. Muñoz Calle 30/06/2010 technical validator Santos Mondéjar López 30/06/2010