Introduction to the 2030 AGENDA: Sustainable Development Goals | 2030 agenda

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This OER will improve both English skills and ICT ones by using as a  context the 2030 Agenda. Students will develop both: key and specific competences. At the end of this project, they will have learnt: all the sustainable development goals, vocabulary related to sustainability, to discuss the meaning of being a Changemaker, to tell the difference between 'needs' and 'wants,’ to plan to make our world a better place, to use their own words to explain what solidarity means, to invent characters in a story in order to create a comic strip, to plan a changemaker action to show solidarity, to tell others about the Global Goals, to compare present situations with past ones, to express using the past simple, to practice intonation, stress and rhythm.

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author CEDEC@ITE.EDUCACION.ES 01/04/2024