Video creation with Animoto

Manuel Castaño
Video creation with Animoto

Manuel Castaño Aroca

Animoto. It allows you to create a free 30 seconds video. You can add photos, videos, text and music to produce your own original videos. Here is a lesson plan for this app

Mobile Learning & ICT Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Title- “I can swim”

Lesson Description - The students will make a 30 sec. video using an easy app showing the activities they are/aren’t able to do. They will use photos made with the mobile, with the aid of  gestures and written texts.

Age Group- 2nd year Compulsory Secondary Education (14 years old )

Duration- 55 min.  1 session. If we don´t have enough time we can continue the next hour.

Objectives- The main objective is to learn how to use the modal verb “can” to express abilities, and acquire some vocabulary, mainly verbs related to different activities: swim, ride a bike, play the guitar, speak English, play tennis etc.

Classroom Set-up -They can work in groups of four.

Materials/Hand-Outs- At least a mobile/tablet  each group

Apps/Web Tools/ Technology- Animoto. With “Animoto”, they can upload photos, videos, add text and choose a background music.

Detailed Lesson

Before the Task- We can do a brainstorming focused on activities/actions. We’ll write them on the blackboard to help them through the lesson.

During the Task-  They’ll need at least one mobile or tablet each group. We’ll show them how to download the app, and its main features. Now they can take the pictures, upload them, add texts and design their videos.

After the Task- Presentation- Once the videos are finished, they wil show them to the teacher to correct any mistakes or improve them. Afterwards, and if it´s possible, we’ll show the videos to the rest of the class in the classroom or the Computers Classroom.

Assessment- To evaluate the videos we will take into account: the language used, dramatization , and the design of the video.

Additional Notes/Tips for Success- We will move around the classroom during the activity, helping our students to solve any problem: technical, language, behavior…