Neilson Gilbert


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  • How to Get on the 1st Page of Google


    So you’ve gone to all the trouble and expense to build a terrific website, and packed it chock-a-block full of original content, yet somehow in all the excitement you’ve neglected to hire a professional SEO and web-copywriting guru to ensure that your potential customers can actually find it! Think of this oversight like having the complete works of Shakespeare housed in the world’s largest library, but neglecting to put the titles of the plays on the library’s index card system. Because no...

  • The Law of Diffusion of Innovation


    There are five types of consumers when it comes to technology.  Innovators. Early Adopters. Early Majority. Late Majority. Laggards. This is classified as 'The Law of Diffusion of Innovation'. And if you don't know the term, that's okay. Because you'll certainly understand the concept. The Law of Diffusion of Innovation When Do You Adopt Technology? Think about when Apple released the first iphone for example. There were those who queued...