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Teaching Sequence requiring the student to pass through the various stages involved in the composition of coherent written texts.

Área de conocimiento Lengua, Literatura
Tipo de licencia universal Licencia de Creative Commons
End user learner teacher family individual
Educative context classroom home mixed teacher schoolmate family independent mixed face to face blended distance
text/html audio/mpeg application/x-shockwave-flash text/xml application/pdf image/jpeg image/gif 0: browser 0: any 1: operating system 1: multi-os Does not require installation Plug-in Flash Player
Uso educativo
mixed very high medium 8-10 medium Typical learning time, although more time may be needed inglés analyse understand observe organize remember connect
publisher leticia 25/03/2010 content provider 30/06/2009 publisher Contenido digital educativo creado, catalogado y financiado con fondos FEDER dentro del expediente 714/07-Lote3 30/06/2009