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There are many advantages to owning or renting a shipping container. These include, but are obviously not limited to: 

  • Ease of movement -  you can choose from a variety of shipping containers to meet your transportation and storage requirements. You may opt for the small and compact 10ft or larger 20ft or 40ft containers to hold bulkier items and allow for easy mobility. Or else you may need a High Cube or Side opening container.
  • Fast assembly and security  - one of the main advantages of shipping containers is that they come ready-made to serve as storage and transportation units. Some units can also be customized into convenient pop-up solutions. If you're going to an event, having a customized container cuts down at the time it takes to set up shop. The units are durable and can be locked to keep products or contents secure from outside tampering.
  • Easy modification: the containers can be easily transformed into an office, a dwelling, or other housing types. You can add doors or windows, rooms, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and other systems. Thus, it simplifies the construction process while lowering costs significantly. In addition, a shipping container acts as a blank slate that may be altered or refurbished to achieve the appearance and functionality that meets each client's modification requirements.
  • Eco-friendly:  Used shipping containers  that are considered obsolete in the transportation industry can be readily recycled. Their continued usefulness after their initial service life is helpful to the environment, protecting it from pollution caused by the disposal process. When a container is no longer fit for shipping, it can be readily repurposed for other uses, such as construction storage, housing, retail and office space, making it an environmentally friendly product.
  • Affordability: People looking for inexpensive housing options will find a solution here as shipping containers can be used to create a small home. Start by looking for old shipping containers or purchase units from manufacturers and dealers like Tiger Shipping Containers. Once you've chosen a ready container fit for repurposing, you can work on a design we can help you implement. Besides cost-effective housing, shipping containers provide businesses with ready space they can get customized to fit their goals. There's no need to spend extra on building materials and other expenses associated with constructing a building from the ground up.

When you decide to purchase shipping containers, remember what benefits you'll be receiving whether you're buying new or used ones from Tiger Shipping Containers.