Drive Mad is many challenging stages

Drive Mad
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Drive Mad is a straight forward truck-driving game in which you'll traverse a number of interesting environments.

Drive Mad , which is identical to the game City Truck Driver, is a basic truck-driving simulation in which you get to operate a number of different trucks. The controls on each vehicle type will be unique. The game's ant characters build a unique course designed to slow down your vehicle during the race. There is only one track, but it's filled with challenges like stairs, rope bridges, and split sections. You'll need a unique approach to each track if you hope to succeed. Start driving around in this game right now and wow everyone.

The game's levels are a reflection of its challenge. In the first level, you have the easiest task of driving a regular truck down an unfamiliar route to the finish. This is the first, easiest level, and it serves to introduce you to the game. More challenging tasks await you as you progress through the stages. You can't win using regular automobiles on divided terrain. It may take you a long time to finish these tests. To succeed in overcoming these difficulties, you must be exceedingly persistent.

The Rules of Drive Mad

There are unique cars in this game that require expert handling. Using the arrow keys will get them moving, but getting to the end of the race will be the real struggle. It's easy to fail if you aren't careful. You can reasonably handle the car based on the vehicle's type and the terrain. Why haven't you played this thrilling game yet?