Basketball Stars

Estrella Welch

basketball stars is a free and fun online 2-player basketball game that features all the big names in the sport. The goofy sports stars with the oversized egos are back for more one-on-one and two-on-two action. Pick a squad and a player, then race against the clock to rack up more points than the other team. You can test your skills against the intelligent AI or go head to head with a friend on the same device. Try out a quick match, kick off some training, or enter a tournament and use your team's special powers to achieve success! Assert your dominance in the dribbling game arena with the help of Basketball Stars. Toss the ball about, have your teammates pass it to you, and keep the layups coming. You may thank your weird players for adding to the entertaining nature of this exciting sporting event. Unless, of course, you let your opponent to score, which will cause your players to cry uncontrollably. Therefore, why delay? Take pleasure in the NBA All-Star Game!"

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